Become Our Newest Home Design Star - Franchises Now Available!

You’ve probably already seen our award-winning design transformations on TV…

Our rapidly growing clientele base speaks volumes on our effectiveness and value…

Now we’re expanding our innovative concept into a ground-floor franchise opportunity!


Enjoy Three Exciting Businesses in One Multi-Faceted Franchise

Home Staging, Home Restyling & Interior Design


If you’re interested in a unique and timely business opportunity that’s easy to create, easy to operate and easily affordable, Voila Design offers an unprecedented opportunity to quickly get into several of the hottest segments of the enormous housing market.

Our innovative franchise program allows you to quickly create your very own multi-faceted home staging and design business that serves a continually recurring marketplace.
With our comprehensive and affordable franchise program, you can be well-trained and effectively generating positive business activities in a surprisingly short period of time without all the incredible expenses, complex challenges and overwhelming obstacles that could easily cripple or even destroy your new business before you even got started.


If You’re Serious About Business Ownership - Your Timing is Excellent


In today’s challenging market, home sellers are now more motivated than ever before to successfully impress prospective buyers.  Rather than risk allowing a valuable property to simply sit unnoticed for perhaps months on end without generating any real activity, highly motivated sellers are taking action and finding solutions to their serious problems. 

Now you can provide proven answers and impressive solutions to this widespread continually recurring need with a wide variety of highly popular home staging and design services and products.  With an ever-evolving array of today’s best and most exciting home staging and design products, we’ll help you become a respected and dependable professional who people can confidently turn to for help with their most valuable asset.


Design Your Future as Voila Design’s Newest Franchisee Star!

We invite you to explore this informative franchise site and learn more about how you can now put your love of design to work for you with your very own one-stop home staging, restyling and interior design business.  Simply CLICK HERE and VOILA!

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